Claire Morvan at the Italian Ambassadors National Convention in Silvi Marina


Last september the  National Convention for eTwinning Ambassadors was held in Silvi Marina , organised by Donatella Nucci and her staff at the National Agency Indire. It was a great opportunity to learn, with workshops and fruitful opportunities for discussion.IMG_1994 (2)

Claire Morgan’s workshop was the cherry on the cake, allowing us to meet a great European expert in communication, event planning and leadership formation.With my friend Maria Nica, Ambassador for Campania region, we decided to share with you our feelings and sensations, by this collaborative article:

“Claire Morvan’ s keynote lecture at the National Convention for eTwinning Ambassadors 2015, in Silvi Marina (4th -6th September) was memorable. This meeting had a great impact in most of us, teacher and not, who attended the workshop on dissemination of European projects with Claire, outreach coordinator of European Schoolnet in Brussels.

Cheerful, with sparking eyes, contagious smile and a real comand of the audience, Claire Morvan met the Italian eTwinning ambassadors to discuss the most effective ways to make a project grow and be recognised.’The measure of success of our project is to be read and selected by other people, therefore we have to find the most effective way to let other people know and understand our work, so that in turn they could use it and disseminate,- said Claire.11959961_10208464886568101_6725003030476437373_n (2)

Claire’s communication skills conquered us right-away and during the workshop, after a short introduction, we formed several groups who had to conceive a dissemination plan for a hypothetical project and set up objectives and key messages for the plan. Not a trivial job and extremely powerful to highlight the challenges one can encounter in discriminating between the project objectives and the dissemination plan objectives.

With the interaction among different working groups, the ability of each of us to bring a useful contribution to the discussion became obvious, thanks to Claire’s facilitation, as she was really good in making everybody actively participate. She interacted dynamically with all of us, catching our eyes and encouraging us teachers to take part in the discussion, showing how to communicate effectively among people, as no content would ever be powerful and able to catch people’s attention unless it sparks from conscious involvement in the communicative act.Such an inspiring workshop was a  godsend for us Ambassadors.”

io e MariellaKeeping in mind all the things we have learnt during this fruitfull eTwinning year, we want to wish you ” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, hoping to meet all of you.

Where?  In eTwinning, of course!

Maria Nica and  Antonietta Calò, Italian Ambassadors for Campania region

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