#etwiam Twitter Chat here again!


Last Wednesday of November.Did you forget our chat? We are here to remind you! Wednesday 25/11/2015 at 7pm CET
A new topic is on the schedule: ” Captivating new eTwinners”
Some of the questions are here:

1.What is your most powerful argument to captivate the beginners?
2.What’s the most important charisma (greek word) YOU must have to succeed in attracting the new?
3.1 Put yourself in the place of a beginner and think loudly. For example: “ I have no time to start a project”, “ I don’t know english good enough” etc
3.2 Have you found a solution for every previous negative thought? You are perfect!
If not,let’s try together!
4.What’s the most needed element for a beginner?
good mentoring
good ready project to enter
good tools
5. Do you know Virgilio group?
We are waiting for you!

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6 Responses to “#etwiam Twitter Chat here again!”

  1. Avatar marisa.badini says:

    I think beginners need good mentoring and involvment:working with other close eTwinners on a common project can be a good way to make them enter an eTwinning project.
    I’m working on this aspect in my school Community.Moreover planning some specifical training on site with an ambassador could be very useful to giVe personal support .We had a successful Training by a regional ambassador . I think Virgilio is a very useful tool anyway!

  2. Avatar elena says:

    Can you, please, announce at least one week in advance these chats? I am really interested to participate, but I lost the last 2 chats because my busy schedule. I think more eTwinners will participate in these chats if you will let us know at least one week in advance the exact date and time of the chat.
    Best regards, Elena

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