Tools 2.0 for project work: Socrative, Nearpod – eTwinning conference workshop


Patrizia Roma guided the audience through the exploration of two digital tools – Socrative and Nearpod – which allow a great amount of classroom interaction and have many possible applications in eTwinning projects.

What are Socrative and Nearpod?

Socrative ( is a student response system for real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization. Teachers can engage and assess students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones. The “Space Race” mode introduces an element of gamification into the quiz activity.
Nearpod ( lets teachers create interactive presentations to be delivered directly on the students’ devices, embedding quizzes, polls, videos and webpages which students can browse at their own pace. The “Draw it” feature triggers students’ creativity. There’s also a library of ready made presentations by Nearpod educators on a wide range of subjects and for different age groups, Nearpod is free up to a certain limit of presentations in your dashboard.
Both tools can be used online or downloaded in your pc. They are also available on tablets and smartphone devices.

After a comprehensive presentation of both tools, Patrizia gave the audience the opportunity to experiment with both. With Socrative, the participants could try themselves the quiz activities and got connected to the virtual room that she created. In their daily teaching, they can create their own virtual room and introduce elements of gamification. Moreover, there is a wide range of ready made quizzes which can be reused. A number of applications are possible in eTwinning projects: for instance, students of the partner countries can take part in the quizzes and polls at the same time.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants got the chance to try out Nearpod. As presentation dashboard, Nearpod offers even more possibilities that Socrative in terms of content creation. Teacher can incorporate video, word files, links, and also quizzes. Feedback is immediate and can be seen as a graph and saved in the reports section. Again, there are many possible options in eTwinning: presentations with embedded quizzes, videos, polls or webpages can be seen by all partners simultaneously in a single virtual classroom.



Reporting by: Valentina Garoia (European Schoolnet)

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