#eTwiam Twitter chats are back!


Save the date!

Every last Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m CET  the eTwinning Ambassadors moderate a chat on Twitter on topics of interest to educators in general and eTwinners.

To join you need of course an account on Twitter, then search for the hashtag #etwiam and follow it during the one hour of our chat.

This month the chat is about… eTwinning Live. Here are the questions which shall be discussed:

  1. What is your first impression of the new Live desktop?
  2. If you think it is better, can you say why?
  3. What was easier on the old desktop to find/do?
  4. Which do you think is the most useful function of eTwinning live and why?
  5. Have you tried the event session and the videoconferencing tool? How does it work?
  6. Can you suggest some improvement to eTwinning Live?
  7. If you were in a teacher room, has it become a group or not? What are your feelings?

If you want to know how a Twitter chat proceeds, have a look at this SMORE

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