“eTwinning: innovazione in chiave plurilingue ed europea” eTwinning Regional Workshop at Nola (Naples – Italy)


“eTwinning: innovazione in chiave plurilingue ed europea” held in Nola (Naples – Italy) on the 24th September 2015.The seminar was organised by the Head Teacher of Liceo Carducci and eTwinning ambassador Carmine Iannicelli with the approval of eTwinning National Agency and the Regional Education Offices.

Nola110 (FILEminimizer)An unexpectedly large number of attendants were drawn to the event, which was successfully advertised on social media platforms and on the Liceo and Regional Education Offices’ websites.

The objective of the seminar was to promote dissemination and implementation of eTwinning projects in the school curriculum. Some of the reports were focused on the Recommendations and Competences as defined by the Ministry of Education

In the morning and in the afternoon a group of students from Liceo (see their names below) was in charge of welcoming participants and assisting with their registration for the event. They provided computer support for online registrations and took photos and videos throughout the day.

All the reports were very interesting and focussed on different crucial aspects of the teaching profession.

Nola3 (FILEminimizer)USR Campania spokeswoman Paola Guillaro presented “The state of art and eTwinning opportunities in the Campania region”, with a focus on statistic data on the diffusion of eTwinning projects in the Campania region.


Nola2 (FILEminimizer)In her report: “eTwinning and learning of foreign languages”, eTwinning Ambassador Antonietta Caló presented a few  English language projects to promote CLIL methodology in schools.


Nola9 (FILEminimizer)eTwinning Ambassador Carmine Iannicelli , in his reports “National indications of the first cycle of eTwinning” and “eTwinning and curriculum: key competences and citizenship requirements” emphasised the educational impact of the project and showed how easily it can fit into most traditional teaching methods and programs. The presentation also highlighted National requirements for key competences (2006) and citizenship/visa requirements (2007).

Nola1 (FILEminimizer)Head Teacher of Liceo Carducci of Nola Assunta Compagnone suggested an educational path on “Mathematics and curricular requirements” underlining a number of issues relating to the teaching of mathematics, such as: changes in the syllabus from 1945 to 2010; mathematic concepts and teaching methods in secondary education; strong points in the national guidelines for mathematics.


Nola7 (FILEminimizer)Donatella Nucci, Coordinator for the National Unit of eTwinning, participated via video conference from Florence with a presentation on eTwinning: the evolving scenery of the school system”.



Nola6Partecipants were invited to share their thoughts and have their questions answered during “QuestionTime”.

After lunch the participants were divided between 4 parallel sessions held by eTwinning Ambassadors. The sessions Nolatook place in rooms provided with multimedia interactive whiteboards and in the multimedia laboratory where they could register on eTwinning. Attendees were shown the new eTwinning portal and handed attendance certificaNola11 (FILEminimizer)tes at the end of the workshop.




During the day I interviewed some colleagues:

El día 24 de septiembre participé por primera vez al seminario eTwinning de mi región en Campania, un encuentro centrado en analizar el Portal hoy y su perspectiva de difusión en Campania. Además se ha subrayado la gran ventaja del proyecto eTwinning en la didáctica cotidiana. El profesor Carmine Iannicelli, nuestro embajador por la Campania y curador del Seminario, en su ponencia ha puesto el acento sobre la fuerte vocación a la exploración y a la experimentación de eTwinning. Como testigo de este momento y como profesora etwinner, he disfrutado de esta oportunidad de formación sobretodo durante el Workshop hemos explorado los cambios del Portal y de la plataforma Twinspace. El punto de fuerza del seminario como todo lo que se refiere al mundo eTwinning es la idea concreta a innovar,colaborar y aprender.

Doy las gracias a eTwinning que sigo siempre con gran afán de aprender en este ámbito.

Vincenzina Rosanna Chieffo, Spanish teacher IIS “Quinto Orazio Flacco”, Portici (NA) Italy


C’est la première fois que je participe à un séminaire sur eTwinning et je tiens à remercier toute l’équipe pour son accueil. Je suis un professeur de français FLE, je travaille en collège et je suis inscrit sur la plateforme eTwinning pas depuis longtemps. Je me suis vraiment senti à l’aise pendant tout le séminaire, l’organisation était agréable, l’ensemble des bénévoles ainsi que les intervenants aussi. Les présentations des proposées m’ont vraiment permis de me faire une idée beaucoup plus précise de ce qu’est eTwinning, mais aussi de savoir un peu plus ce que je veux faire sur la plateforme. Pour moi, ce stage, a été un moment de plénitude : j’ai rencontré des personnes magnifiques, très passionnées de leur mission. Cela a été, pour moi, l’occasion aussi de revoir des collègues de longue date. Au niveau des ateliers, mes guides m’ont expliqués plusieurs choses intéressantes, notamment sur l’utilisation de la plateforme. Et enfin, un remerciement tout particulier à Monsieur Carmine Iannicelli, très disponible et très patient, à recommander!  

Luigi Zammartino, French teacher ICS "Nicola Romeo", Casavatore (NA) Italy


This special meeting was held in Nola , in one of the  best known colleges of the area called ” Liceo Classico and Scientifico Carducci”, a School Istitution not far from Naples.

“One of the speakers  was  the Greek and Latin teacher, prof.Carmine Iannicelli, who , as an eTwinning Ambassador, presented the European project to about 80 colleagues, all coming from other school Institutions of  the region Campania . This eTwining event was meant to highlight the strategic value  of  the eTwinning activities such as  the school exchanges, or just the school project-work sharing among the European School Institutions  that one can contact on the new eTwinning platform . Basically the eTwinning project must be seen as a means to achieve new learning goals  for students of all levels because those activities will provide  them  with different , more challenging  learning environments; they will make the students use  new abilities  with the  learning by doing actvities. This approach , in fact, has proved  to produce much more satisfactory and fulfilling results.

In conclusion,  Prof.re Iannicelli added,  the eTwinning project   mirrors some of the latest  revolutionary  scientific views regarding the teachers’  assessing task,  which  should be an  updated , in-progress activity, i.e.,  the result of  the observation of the students’ real  learning-by- doing target. So,  from the educational points of view, the eTwiniing multi-task project seem to be really perfect.

Giovanna Giordano, English teacher Liceo Statale “Galileo Galilei”, Piedimonte Matese (CE) Italy



Paola Guillaro, Lo stato dell’arte  e le prospettive  eTwinning in Campania 
Antonietta Calo’, eTwinning e l’apprendimento delle lingue straniere
Carmine Iannicelli, Le indicazioni nazionali del primo ciclo in e Twinning
Carmine Iannicelli, e twinning e curricolo. Le competenze chiave di cittadinanza
Assunta Compagnone, La matematica nelle indicazioni per il curricolo scuola secondaria  di ii grado





Student team (Liceo Carducci)

Welcome Support: Ambrosio Antonio, Cafarelli Alessia, Limmatola Olimpia, Velotti Agostino

Informatic Support: Buglione Erasmo, Iannicelli Maryla, Nappi Maria Ida, Petillo Carmela

Photo Support: Pollicino Mara, Sena Martina





Carmine Iannicelli, Liceo Classico Statale “Giosuè Carducci” , Nola (NA) Italy – Italian eTwinning Ambassador

Chiara Amoroso, Liceo Statale “A.M. de’ Liguori”, Acerra (NA) Italy – English teacher

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