Slovak eTwinning “Hall of Fame”


We received from the SK National Support Service the following video from the celebrations that took place for the etwinning 10th anniversary!

“This year we celebrate Europe-wide the 10th anniversary of eTwinning. Many Slovak educators have contributed to the success of eTwinning at domestic and foreign field. We do want to honour their work calling them to the “Hall of Fame” of eTwinning. The University choir Omnia opened the solemn event by singing the European anthem and to each honoured teacher the choir sang a celebratory hymn. The ceremony was held on 12. June.2015 at the the University of Žilina. In the video the following people gave speeches:

Ing. Lubica Sokolikova, Manager of the Slovak NSS
prof. Jan Celko, Vice-rector of the University of Zilina
Ing. Martin Janacek, Director general on Informatization Of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic”

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