10 years, 10 activities


Here is my friend Alexandra’s testimonial:

“To celebrate these 10 successful years of eTwinning, my form students and myself gathered to devise some activities. What? Who? When? Where? How? are the common issues that arise whenever programming an event. As thrilled as we all were, the class wouldn’t decide on what to do, and so we came up with an audacious plan of designing not one, but 10! 10 activities, one for each year and therefore one for each of the 10 days prior to May 7 so that we could thus raise awareness and involve the educational community in these anniversary celebrations: students, staff, custodians, parents…

After sharing a google form among all students, our final countdown was as follows:

#10 – Balloon display and release

#9 – (Face) Paintings and Nail Art

#8 – School Survey – face-to-face and digital with the URL https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gcmJfG8NYzcOOKmDgsGgS-_FeY5TBj2t1R50QGc4LaM/viewform

#7 #6 #5 (Friday and weekend) – Social Media (for example, sharing pics on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #myschoolrocks #sourerocks #eTwinningday #eTwinning10)

#4 – Human Logo

#3 – (Logo) Drawing Competition

#2 – Baking and Social Media

#1 – eTwinningDay – Bringing parents to school to join this huge celebration and the educational community tasted our pupils’ (and their parents’) culinary skills by baking several 10th anniversary cakes.

What a celebration! So that all may have an idea, it’s best to view the video comprising these activities, the students’ commitment and the school’s involvement and participation.

Looking back, now that I’ve fallen into a zen-like holiday trance, though – truth must be said – already wondering what 2015/2016 holds in store for me, 2014/2015 was a highly successful and fruitful school year, with a multitude of enriching activities of which I would highlight a school field trip they loved (documented at http://www.meograph.com/teacheralex) as well as our Earth Day initiative by planting a cypress at school


(which can also be viewed at https://animoto.com/play/VzsfrPEOXXo7PpY09zOcvQ), all integrated in our project “Stone Culture Rolling Over Europe”.

After such an eventful and joyous (eT)winning year, there was still energy for another modest contribution, wrapping up both this year’s project and the #eTwinning10 anniversary in a final presentation you are invited to access at https://animoto.com/play/nOTRAOcvyxCy8J4jcFutVA.


Following this hectic school year, I am confident the seed has been planted for other colleagues and more classes to join eTwinning.

As for myself, well, I do hope I can keep fostering teamwork, cultural awareness and ICT skills through school collaboration while witnessing these students thrive with eTwinning – if not for the next 10 years, at least for the next five they are to spend at our school, Escola Sec / 3 Martinho Árias – Soure / Portugal.

Thank you,

Alexandra Duarte

@ClubedeInglês / http://shiningasoure.blogspot.pt/ (our class blog)

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