eTwinning 10 Turkish Ambassadors Animated !


In this eTwinning 10 animated interview, four eTwinning ambassadors, Nurcan Ari, Funda Posat Gulenser , Bugra Inal and Adil Tugyan and a very experienced and hardworking eTwinner Esen Sandıraz ( Moderator ) talk about what eTwinning mean to them and the qualities of etwinners to be characterized as positive and negative in a discussion TV programme. Enjoy watching.  Please Click on the link to see the inside story.

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eTwinning Song we composed in one of my projects called ” eTwinning Hymn ” with my partner from Greece.

Etwinning is our project and a lovely destination

All we have to do is work together for an everlasting relation

Day and night I dream of etwinning

The splendid thoughts of friendship

Our countries connect with sea

But our hearts connect with eTwinning.

In the video you can see the rock version of ” eTwinning Hymn ” by my students.


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