2016 Romanian eTwinning Calendar


Many photography competitions are inundated with exceptional entries. The 2016 Romanian eTwinning Calendar Photography Competition was no exception. It took place between June 22nd – August 19th 2015 and it was coordinated by the most dedicated Romanian eTwinning ambassadors on their website: ambasadoriietwinningromani.weebly.com. It was the second yearly contest dedicated to the illustration of an eTwinning Calendar with Romanian eTwinners’ photographs taken at various eTwinning activities, preferably during the school year 2014-2015 for this 2016 Calendar.

A year ago, the 2015 Romanian eTwinning Calendar proved to be an enormous success, being downloaded hundreds of times and decorating at this very moment many classroom walls and desks all over Romania!

This year, 21 eTwinning teachers entered 36 photographs into the competition – there were snapshots with students working during project activities, images of their eTwinning end-products, close-ups on the preparations of projects, pics from awards ceremonies and more. The jurors’ duty was difficult – so many of the photographs were of a remarkable quality! Here are the jurors: Ileana Boșogea-Tudor, photographer at “Floarea de colț” Photography Club, Romania; Daniela Bunea, Romanian eTwinning ambassador; Diana Nicoleta Chirilă, certified photographer, Romania; Cornelia Melcu, Romanian eTwinning ambassador; Cristina Nicolăiță, Romanian eTwinning ambassador; Jolanta Okuniewska, Polish eTwinning ambassador; Costantino Soudaz, Italian eTwinning ambassador; Adil Tugyan, Turkish eTwinning ambassador. They assessed the pictures entered into the contest according to certain specific criteria: composition, technical accomplishment, originality, and creativity.

The results came in on the 19th of August, World Photo Day. Congratulations to all contestants and special, well-deserved acclamation for the 12 winners, who are hence true eTwinning emissaries! Here are the winning photographs in a collage:


You will be able to download the 2016 Romanian eTwinning Calendar starting the 1st of September 2015 from the Romanian ambassadors’ website. It will be vibrant and sharp, and you will surely love it!

Daniela Bunea, Romanian eTwinning ambassador

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