Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 – 2015


Each July for the past 5 years I have been compiling articles written by dedicated eTwinners and putting together a yearly newsletter that presents to the world many dealings within the eTwinning universe, with the explicit aim of making it more visible on the European educational stage. We talk about relevant subjects with reports, tips, practical advice, testimonials and opinions about eTwinning.

This year’s newsletter is no exception. You can find it here: We continue to communicate trust, and many eTwinners and not-yet-eTwinnners (we hope) alike have already turned to it (the current number of views is 714, and it has been online for less than 48 hours) for the latest news. Its contributors have offered quality articles, and the whole newsletter has thus become as relevant and engaging as ever. Each author has tried to put herself/himself in the readers’ shoes. What interests them? What do they want to read about? All writers have created content that provides value – following research, supplying professional writing.

Whether the texts speak about competences, apps, web tools, interculturality, professional development, collaboration, eTwinning’s 10th anniversary, sharing, projects, or offer points of view on Erasmus+, they have made this annual newsletter once again an effective collection, keeping the readers up-to-date, re-assuring them that we are doing well, remaining a very worthy and interesting compilation.

A big thankyou to all eTwinners who have already shared the link to the newsletter with their colleagues and associates – digital newsletters do have legs, and eTwinning gets promoted this way via Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs.

Good newsletters are like fine guests – they make a point of not wearing out their welcome. I hope you will enjoy the articles in the Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5, and even if it does not show up at your door with flowers and wine, you will consider forwarding it to many of your friends.

Daniela Bunea, Romanian eTwinning ambassador

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