Happy Birthday eTwinning from Espinho, Portugal


The seaside town of Espinho, Portugal is mostly known for its beautiful beaches and for hosting this year’s beach football world cup, but it’s also the home of Manuela Correia, music teacher and accomplished eTwinner. Manuela and her students have had a great eTwinning year, winning the European eTwinning award for her project Soundtrackers and taking part in several other projects, like Europlaces.

In her latest project, eTunes, Manuela and her partners wanted to do composition work using simple musical themes. They worked out small 3-tone and 5-tone musical motifs which they used as basis for their work and the students chose which melodies to use by rolling dice! A good time was had by all, there were social activities, an eTunes Channel with compositions and even an eTunes anthem!

At the tail end of the project Manuela and her students used the musical themes from eTunes to create a birthday song for eTwinning in honour of the 10th anniversary. The result was quite beautiful:

The students also took part in the celebrations in another way. Manuela explains:

“All my pupils wrote their ideas about eTwinning by continuing one of these sentences: “Gosto do eTwinning porque…” (I like eTwinning because…) “Com o eTwinning…” (With eTwinning…) They also made a drawing on the same sheet of paper, so now I have a collection of almost 100 cute ‘postcards’ congratulating eTwinning and saying why they like it.”

I’m sure you’ll all agree the students of Espinho have made a valuable contribution to the anniversary celebrations! The students of Espinho are currently enjoying a well deserved holiday, but Manuela has quietly started planning her eTwinning projects for the next school year. Who knows what exciting projects she will come up with next..

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