Sotto le stelle dei grandi – podgwiazdamiwielkich (Maria Skłodowska Curie Prize)


Sotto le stelle dei grandi – podgwiazdamiwielkich was a very ambitious and innovative project to carry out with young children of five years old!

The project aimed at initiating children as young as five years old to paths in science education and introducing celestial phenomena to them through observing, recording, representation, interpretation, imagination, design and narrative. This was achieved through the use of stories, dialogue, drawings, images, computer programs, guided tours etc. The working language was Italian (always supported by Polish translation) as the young Polish pupils were studying the Italian language. They children’s interest was raised by an introduction to the two great Italian and Polish astronomers and the sky as portrayed by artists.

Undoubtedly, since the pupils involved in the project were so young yet the topic was so sophisticated, one can’t help but wonder: How easy was it to work on this material? On the stage on the eTwinning Prizes, the project founders revealed their secret of success: used open-source software tools, conference calls, visit to centres etc. did the trick to trigger the young pupils’ interests.

The project founder Vincenza Cozzucoli on the stage of eTwinning Prizes together a Polish National Support Service representative

The project founders on the stage of eTwinning Prizes













Jury Said

In this competition we have been looking for the special, unique elements of the projects, which correlate to the Maria Sklodowska-Cure life and engagement. Our candidate for the prize presents very nice activities – for example night in the nursery with exploring the stars. It consists of the adventure and scientific methods, however other more ‘classical’ eTwinning actions were also very fruitful for kids, interesting and well done.

More information on the project Profile and blog diary.



Vincenza Cozzucoli (ICS di Riva Ligure e San Lorenzo al Mare-Scuola dell’Infanzia di Pietrabruna, Italy)
Karolina Wojtala (Przedszkole nr 3 w Zabrzu, Poland)

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