A special school day


May 7th was a special eTwinning day  for Liceo Scientifico “Fermi” in Aversa which had the honor to host Mrs Paola Guillaro, the eTwinning representative of USR Campania (Regional Board of Education) and three  eTwinning Ambassadors  Mrs. Antonietta  Calò ,  Mrs. Maria Nica  and Mr Carmine Iannicelli, to celebrate the 10th eTwinning anniversary, with  the collaboration of University of Naples “Parthenope”. The event was advertised on the Italian eTwinning website ,  on the Campania  Board of Education website and on all the regional schools ones.


The ceremony opened with  the European anthem played on a piano by two students and an exciting  clapping to welcome all the eTwinning representativesA special public made up of the  territory school teachers and principals (from the primary to the secondary schools) greatly appreciated  our  initiatives, such as: the students’ human logo and the balloon release at 12:30 pm  to keep in touch with all the national and European schools.2015-07-08_1313Lancio_palloncini


Moreover May 7th has become a memorable date for Liceo “Fermi” because in 2014 there was an important conference which recorded  the presence of the Italian Minister of Education Mrs Stefania Giannini who spent half a day  visiting the school and  speaking to our students  and to many political representatives and  headmasters of the territory and the former Director of   Campania Region Board of Education. The conference became international when, to start the educational debate, there was a Skype connection between the Minister and the representatives of the Liceo “Fermi” who were in Portugal for a Comenius meeting with other representatives from Turkey, Germany, Belgium and Austria.




After a year, 7th May 2015, USR Campania and eTwinning celebrated the eTwinning 10th anniversary at Liceo “Fermi”, that’s why  for us  this  date  must  be saved for special events.

The USR of Campania has organized such a seminary to underline the importance of collaboration and partnerships among schools and the territory in order to “start” and share eTwinning experiences which are the most important  part of Erasmus+ programs.

What are the results? Well a great deal of teachers and students  spent a profitable “working day” sharing new didactic experiences and they are now ready to start running  new eTwinning projects. To record the exciting day the Liceo Scientifico “Fermi” has created an on line magazine you can read at:


Happy birthday eTwinning  and see you next 7th May 2016!

Costanza Chirico, teacher of English at Liceo ” E.Fermi”- Aversa- Italy


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  1. Avatar Marisa Badini says:

    It’s amazing to read about eTwinning Day in Italy and Europe!
    At Ottavo Circolo, Piacenza we were happy to share celebrations with a very great number of students and teachers all over Europe.
    A DAY connecting ideas, languages, events, emotions…just the goal of eTwinning!
    TOGETHER AS ONE…wide family, with the joy of sharing and participating, cause” WE ARE IN”.
    The smiles on the photos express that Joy and that Union!
    So, let’s go on! Thanks to eTwinning!

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