My partners, my treasure


When I present etwinning to teachers during seminars I feel that what etwinning really is cannot be described in a few words, with just technical terms and showing a presentation. Because etwinning is basically people and connections.

I consider myself very lucky for having met some people that really changed me as a teacher. They are not just former partners, they’re more than colleagues, they’re my mentors. And I think that these people deserve a tribute, because they are “my etwinning”.

Andrea Ullrich from Germany (“our summer meeting point”,” our words, our story”) is actually the first etwinning person I met in real. I have known her for 5 years, we have met in real twice and we’re still friends.

Marcos Vence Ruibal from Galicia, Spain (“Pek1” and “Pek2”), is a source of inspiration and a master in organization and planning. He taught me many secrets of the twinspace and ICT tools.

Jorge Rocha from Portugal (“a trip in space and time”, a project on sexual education) taught me how to blog and proved to me that no matter how delicate an issue can be, it can be developed as a very good project. He gave me the chance to form one of my best school etwinning teams.

Maurice Medici from Belgium (“Odysseus”, a project on human rights) taught me how important is to build projects with moral values and fight for a better world.

Caroline Yaich and Sebastien Marin from France (“Our sustainable town”) taught me how to develop a complicated project fully integrated in my vocational subjects, how to  be a real team and overcoming the fact that our students were following different vocational specializations, we managed to blend their tasks.

Every partner we meet in etwinning, leaves a trace in our professional life. The whole project becomes a learning event for us. It’s an interaction of giving and taking, a chemical reaction of teaching and learning.

My partners became my etwinning treasure and that’s a side of etwinning invisible to the others. You have to live etwinning in order to discover its real value.

If you had some unforgettable partners, celebrate your etwinning10 by saying “Thank you” to them with a little gift, sending them something to remember.


Maria Sourgiadaki – etwinning ambassador in Crete, Greece



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One Response to “My partners, my treasure”

  1. Avatar Andrea Ullrich says:

    I totally agree with what you are saying about etwinning, you don’t just do it, you live it … with like-minded people who may become real friends. Our projects were just great, and you were not only the first etwinning person I met in real life, you also were the first person giving me ideas about what collaboration in a good project could be like.
    Thank you for this gift, Maria!
    By the way, what do you think about applying for a PDW together?

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