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Thanks to eTwinning Ambassador Méndez Ruiz, we have received a very interesting activity to share with you; ​​IES Heliche Olivares in Seville, Spain, has created a booklet on issuu to spread awareness about eTwinning activities!


The teachers involved are Fernando Gallego, a technology teacher, interested in the environmental problems, Lola Ruiz, an Art teacher lover of all areas of artistic expression, Nieves Ruiz Méndez, english teacher, bilingual education coordinator and eTwinning ambassador, Mª Oliva Domínguez, bilingual teacher, interested in projects based on foreign languages, European issues, comparison of different cultures and lifestyles, and finally Miguel García, an english teacher.

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The Projects presented were carried out from 2009 to 2011. Their basic aim was to “promote the active participation of all the students as a way to facilitate their learning and their acquisition of key competences “.
The subjects involved are: English, Citizenship, Art, Social Science, Natural Science, Social Science, Music, Geography.
Some projects are multidisciplinary, such as European cultural heritage through celebrations, focused on the description of similar and different celebrations of the participant countries the European cultural heritage, and Meet my grandparents, which is a video-record of an interview to grandparents about their way of life in their Youth. This video has been translated from mother tongue to English with subtitles and the final result has been presented in one movie showing the similarities and differences of lifestyles with a special attention to aspects such as culture, fashion, habits, pastime, history, social interactions, behavior, school life, family, traditions.
All projects, according to the teachers, “foster students’ participation, improve their cognitive development, strengthen their communicative abilities and inspires Their creativity”.

Go to Booklet on http://issuu.com/nimeru/docs/10_years_ebook_fda39803bdd736


carmineCarmine Iannicelli, Italian eTwinning Ambassador

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