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Quite a few of the eTwinners enrolled in my eTwinning Learning Event “Integrating eTwinning into the curriculum” (1-13 May 2015) have joined three Twitter chats during the last two months (May and June), with a three-fold purpose: talking about methods and techniques to be used in order to better integrate their eTwinning work into their curriculum, growing their network and having some fun! They listened in or participated, using the hashtag #LEintegrate, and in this way they reflected upon their experiences, shared best practice examples and discussed the benefits of using eTwinning and its tools to connect, develop collaborative educational projects and share ideas in Europe.

It is common knowledge that Twitter chats, sometimes known as Twitter parties or tweet chats, are synchronous events that cover a wide range of topics and are happening all the time. The eTwinners who have a Twitter account have taken advantage of this learning-and-growing opportunity and have often involved themselves in various discussions, many moderated by eTwinning experts or ambassadors.

The #LEintegrate Twitter chats have focused so far on sharing – in real time – thoughts, pictures and links to video clips related to the tasks in the Learning Event on integration, but also views and opinions on issues such as: celebrating 10 years of eTwinning; the various competences students and teachers improve when working within eTwinning; examples of instruments that can be useful to an eTwinner; choosing a Creative Commons tool easily; how demanding the last few weeks of the school year are; how enjoyable the learning with and from students can be for teachers; possible ways of involving other teachers in eTwinning.

We also talked about ways of improving our eTwinning projects as far as the process and the results are concerned, strategies to be used when we want our students to collaborate with other students on specific tasks, the learning our students do when they work on eTwinning projects, and even about webinars related to the topic of integration, which some of us – later on – attended.

I would like to thank top Twitterers Veronique Sarrere, Maria Letizia de Sanctis, Cristina Nicolaita, Rut Aniorte Garcia, Anna Maria Mulliri, Ritva Metso, Dimitra Arampatzi, Yuliia Eberwein, Natavan Badalova, Loredana Popa, Adriana Lapi Laze, Cristina Gila, Tsvetelena Taralova, Alessandro Ruffino and Maxime Drouet for their active involvement and direct participation – you are the best! Motivated students AND motivated teachers can indeed change the world!

All in all, the #LEintegrate Twitter chats were all perfect ways to converse with like-minded eTwinners, and I hope to continue the series in the autumn!

Daniela Bunea, Romanian eTwinning ambassador

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