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Screenshot from eTwinning on air's episode about the 10th anniversary

Like eTwinning itself, the medium of podcasting has been around in its current form for about 10 years. Like eTwinning it puts the power of communication in the hands of anyone who wants it. It was only a matter of time before someone decided the two should come together.

In 2013 Niilo Alhovaara (Sweden) and  Tiina Sarisalmi (Finland) had an idea: How about getting some eTwinning ambassadors together, roughly once a month, and discussing – live! – what’s happening in the eTwinning world around Europe? The answer: eTwinningOnAir, the live streamed webcast run through Google HangoutsOnAir and automatically recorded on YouTube.

Two years have passed, and eTwinningOnAir is now both a live YouTube webcast and also a ‘traditional’ audio podcast. Everyone can subscribe through the Apple iTunes catalogue. Listening directly on the web  also works, and on top of this there are also dedicated apps available for iOS and Android devices so you can always listen to the latest episodes using your smartphone!

Niilo organizes eTwinningOnAir through Google events and hangouts. He says: “Today, the show is open to pretty much all educators interested in eTwinning; anyone can watch through YouTube but in order to participate in the panel, please get in touch with me in advance!”

In the latest episode, Niilo and his guests from around Europe start off discussing the 10th anniversary. Some of the guests have been there from the very beginning, some are fresher eTwinners, but they all have interesting perspectives. They then tackle how eTwinning has changed along with technology, and where it’s all going in the future.

If you like fun discussions about eTwinning from people who don’t take themselves too seriously, the show is not to be missed.

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