#eTwiam Overview and next Twitter Chats


Last May 2015, the European Network of eTwinning Ambassadors launched a new activity on Social Media, in the framework of eTwinning 10th Anniversary:
Twitter Chats.
As you know, twitter is an online social
networking service, that enables users to send and read short -140 character messages called “tweets”. All you need is :
➢ a twitter account
➢ comment, answer during the designated time, using the conversation hashtag #eTwiam and adding a reference to the question you are answering, ex. A1, A2, etc.
We defined Tuesday as the Twitter Chat Day and we organized 4 consecutive chats on different topics.


1) Tuesday 5 May : #eTwiam chat: The eTwinning Day
Many eTwinners participated and discussed about their first experiences with eTwinning, exchanged views on what they like most about it and gave tips on involving more colleagues. They also revealed their plans are to celebrate the eTwinning birthday. According to the statistics, our first chat reached over 10,000 accounts and exceeded 35,000 impressions! Thanks to you!
Have a look on the storify here:
2) Tuesday 12 May: #eTwiam chat: eTwinning and Digital Competences
With a great interest eTwinners started discussing about the digital competence means to them, the digital competence skills that students learn through etwinning, the copyright issue and policies.
This is the storify
3) Tuesday 19 May: #eTwiam chat: TwinSpace Tools

The third #etwiam chat was about the favourite subject of Twinspace and Web Tools. Many new tools were mentioned by enthusiastic eTwinners, presenting their favourite tool and the way it has been used it in their projects.
It was a truly natural and pleasant chat, with many new questions apart from those given before, as a food for thought.
You can see the storify here:


4) Tuesday 26 May: #eTwiam chat: eTwinning and Professional Development for teachers

Another beloved topic was presented via the short and intelligent tweets of many eTwinners! What a pleasure to speak about the famous Learning Events, contact seminars, webinars, PDW, groups… The list is so rich and necessary for our professional development!


“ Don’t cry for me , Latvia!!!!”

This is the motto of all the ambassadors, who will not take profit of the undoubtedly interesting ambassadors’ workshop, which will take place 17-20 June, in Latvia!
But there is something very interesting in the Twitter Menu! It’s called:
During the ambassador meeting, using #etwiam, we will be able to have an idea of what happens there, ask and questions, comments and share!
We will start tweeting during the plenary on 17th June and end on 19th.
The #etwiam team of ambassadors will share with us the aroma of Latvia, through questions, answers, comments, photos or videos!
The idea is to be in touch and communicate and twitter is the ideal media for this purpose. We don’t want a simple live streaming! We want online action!

After that , we will meet again on the final #etwiam Twitter Chat, the last for this school year! It will take place on Tuesday 23th June and the subject will be:
Topics for September”. It will be announced on the desktop.
article etwia

See you there!

Maria Georgiadou

eTwinning Ambassador of the Southern Aegean, Greece

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