eTwinning 10th Year Activities From USAK / Turkey



Working as an eTwinning Ambassador in Uşak/TURKEY, I really appreciate to be given the chance to organize  eTwinning 10th Anniversary celebrations. That was the best chance of me to introduce  eTwinning to all not only the stakeholders of education but also the people walking along the streets. We have organised three main activities, Kite festival and Human Logo were done in two different schools and the other one with a high level of participation was done in the city center as a cortege. Pupils, teachers and parents holding banners in their hands sang the Happy Birthday chant and at the end they released the eTwinning balloons to the sky.

As an eTwinning Ambassador and a dedicated eTwinner, I always try to get new teachers to involve in eTwinning projects providing them with concrete examples about the impacts of eTwinning on teachers professional development and school education. With the great support from our NSS I believe I have taken a long way in doing that . Follow us, at inalbugra(twitter);, eTwinningusak(facebook),

Buğra İnal – eTwinning Ambassador Uşak / Turkey

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