Like a tree that is growing


Maybe it’s because of my teaching subject that I recently imagined etwinning like a tree that keeps growing.  And as a consequence, here is what two of my students made on the day of our school etwinning celebration. 

Already ten years old, with new branches and leaves being formed each year (new members), new fruits being delivered every late spring (completed projects), new roots growing underneath (NSSs, ambassadors, advisors).

The weather around etwinning is not always sunny. Problems arise from time to time and disappointment creeps. But the tree keeps blooming because it’s written in its genes.  And problems create solutions that water the tree and help it grow stronger.

Decoding etwinning molecular structure, we discover the interconnections between passion, needs, creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, commitment.

I’ve been involved in etwinning for 6 years and in the meantime I’ve met a lot of etwinners, in virtual and real environments. Observing people and their interactions, I realized that we all had the same element, probably scientifically unapproved; a spark in their eyes.  That’s why etwinning is a successful, dynamic community. Because it connects likeminded educators and it breeds their passion for teaching and learning.

So… if I had to make a wish for etwinning, it would be addressed to policy makers, so that they discover its value and protect it.

Maria Sourgiadaki – teacher of agricultural sciences

etwinning ambassador in Crete, Greece

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