An eTwinning Turkish Ambassdor’s Testimony about eTwinning 10th Year


To begin with, I feel very lucky to be an eTwinner and work as an Ambassador. On 7th May, 2015, with great contributions from The Directorate of National Education for Adana, the city where I live and coordinate eTwinning projects with schools, we celebrated 10th year of eTwinning with various activities full of joy and excitement. There were about 60 teachers and 1200 students participating the event where students released  balloons with eTwinning logos and colours  in the sky, sang ”Happy Birthday eTwinning” song, played games as well as did some activities with teachers. The presence of new eTwinner teachers at the celebration was both important and exciting for me. After the event, we shared our photos on Facebook eTwinning  groups, on the official webpage of our Directorate of National Education and on local press. The schools also took part in the Project titled ” eTwinning 10 ” carried out by Turkish eTwinners.

In the age of technology, eTwinning is a great opportunity for teachers for their professional developement and for students to develope diverse competencies during their learning process  throughout Europe and eTwinning Plus countries in terms of sharing experiences and knowledge through eTwinning projects. I will never give up being an eTwinner and I am currently working really hard to involve every school in my city in eTwinning projects with the precious help from NSS TR. Live Long eTwinning !!!.

Burcu Yüksek – eTwinning Turkish  Ambassador

   Adana / Turkey

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