3 E and 3 F Students from Figline Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy celebrated both eTwinning birthday 23rd May during the annual exhibition “ Primaveria” in Figline municipality and the end of the project “ What’s goes behind…Art” carried out with partners from  Poland and France. It was a way to celebrate the event with people from Figline, parents and teachers. The local authority let us to participate “Primaveria”, they also helped us giving materials useful for the event. So students draw famous paintings with colored chalks under the loggia of Collegiata church, the main church in Figline. They had to draw on the ground but the rain did not helped us so the parish priest gave  hospitality to us under the loggia. The local press has also written an article on this event. Students have been guided in particular by the Art teacher and the English teacher. They knew street art thanks a lab with a street art  artist or better a” Maestro Madonnaro” and shared street art lessons with partners.

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Laura Ruggiero, ambassador from Tuscany, Italy

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