Austria celebrates eTwinning Day!


We received from the Austrian National Support Service (NSS) so many colourful wishes, beautiful pictures and videos of eTwinning Day celebrations across the country to present to you, that we can’t help but say: Danke schön Österreich!

Happy Birthday eTwinning from Oberwart in Austria

During their PE lesson told Marlene Ruiter-Gangol her pupils that eTwinning celebrates its 10th birthday. The Young Scientists from the Primary School Oberwart in Austria insisted to send their regards to eTwinning immediately and so they made this lovely video.
The Primary School Oberwart has been eTwinning since 2010 and has been involved in many award-winning European projects. Last year the Austrian National Agency invited the pupils and their teacher Ms Ruiter-Gangol to Vienna and awarded them with the national quality label for the extraordinary eTwinning job they do. We thank the pupils and their teacher for this nice surprise and wish a lot of fun with their project!

Schoolovision Kids from Austria celebrate with eTwinning











With a yummy cake and self-made eTwinning banners celebrated the Schoolovision kids from the Austrian Primary School Wildbach the eTwinning Day. The award-winning teacher team Maria Reicht and Ursula Koch spent with their kids a nice day involving many eTwinning activities and celebrating the 10th birthday of their favourite European educational initiative.

eTwinners from Austria and Italy celebrate in Triest











Passers by in the Italian city of Triest were wondering when they saw young eTwinners with eye-catching yellow and blue accessoires gathering on the Piazza Unità. The students from the Austrian Secondary Grammar School “Ingeborg Bachmann” in Klagenfurt and from the Italian Liceo “Francesco Petrarca” in Triest were celebrating the eTwinning Day in a great style!
The award-winning teacher Cornelia Esterl visited with her students their partner school in Triest in early May and so it was obvious for her to use the opportunity to celebrate eTwinning anniversary together. The students spent the morning in the school doing presentations for their eTwinning project and preparing an exquisite choreography for their eTwinning performance. On the sunny midday they went in the streets with balloons and hats in eTwinning colours and performed live on Piazza Unità to show the citizens of Triest what eTwinning stands for. At the end of their performance they set over a hundred balloons in the air. The local media covered the event largely.
To share with us the friendly atmosphere of the celebrations, the students sent us this video:

Many thanks and keep up eTwinning!

10 years of eTwinning with Austrian and Italian proverbs









eTwinning means contact with friends in Europe – on eTwinning Day met pupils from classes 3a and 3b at the Austrian Middle School Weitensfeld their Italian counterparts not virtually, but in real life! The Austrian project leading teacher Gerhild Anna Robinig welcomed with her pupils the guests from the city of Triest which is only around 300 km away. The students had a great time getting to know each other and working on their project about Italian and Austrian proverbs “Sprichwörter und Redewendungen im Bild”. At the end of the day they were surprised to discover a lot of similarities.
This is the first eTwinning project of the Middle School Weitensfeld and both pupils and teachers were happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of eTwinning together with their partner schools in a friendly atmosphere and getting to know each others’ language and culture.

10 years eTwinning “Am Tabor“ in Austria










Yellow T-shirts and blue balloons – on the morning of 7th May glowed the school yard of Primary School “Am Tabor” in Neusiedl am See in eTwinning colours. All 200 school kids, the teachers, as well as representatives of the regional school authorities and of the National Agency let hundreds of balloons go up as a symbolic greeting to the European eTwinning community.

Thank you for sharing your joy with us and keep up the good work!

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