Next #eTwiam chat: eTwinning and Professional Development for teachers


Don’t miss the next #eTwiam Twitter Chat, organised by the European Network of eTwinning Ambassadors. It will take place on Tuesday 26 May at 7pm CEST (Brussels time) and the topic is “eTwinning and Professional Development for teachers”. Do you know all the training opportunities you can find in eTwinning? Have you ever joined a Learning Event, Group, Expert talk, etc.? Join us on Tuesday and share your doubts and experience!

As food for thought before the chat, we suggest you to have a look at Progress section on the eTwinning Portal and learn more about Learning Events, Featured Groups, Online Seminars, etc.

More information about Twitter chats

What is a Twitter chat? It is a live Twitter event moderated by one or more people and focused around a specific topic. Anyone who has a Twitter account can join the conversation.

How does it work? To participate it’s easy, all you need to do is tweet during the designated time using the conversation hashtag: #eTwiam. You can answer the questions posed by the moderators, share your ideas on the topic, interact with other participants, etc.

Find here the storify from the previous eTwinning chat: Twinspace & Online Tools.

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