The great 10th years history of good projects.


Germany and Poland during 10th years of eTwinning Program made many different projects – 1805. When we as neighbours started cooperation it was 2005 and during this year 17 project appeared on the first eTwinning platform. Every year it was better and better: 2006 – 72 projects, 2007 – 109 and 2008 – 136 projects. Together we learnt how to use new ICT tools in projects activities. Some school decided to do some activities in reality, it was possibile because of the short distance.
In 2009 Poland and Gremany worked on 241 projects. In two next years we can see that number of projects was a little smaller but again there were 245 project in 2012 and 251 in 2013. You can find many different topics in these Project and a lot of activities started by students and teachers. If you need inspiration you should find some good examples of our works on the eTwinning webpage.
Last year we got the best number of projects – 263, so we are really proud of our teachers and their pupils that are involved in all activities. Now there is 10th anniversary of eTwinning program and for now we have 50 approved projects so in this special year we should do more good projects than in 2014. We hope it is still possibile. I will cross my fingers for good cooperation not only between Poland and Gremany but all European countries and teachers who don`t want to be only teachers but they want to change education for pupils in Europe.

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