Remains of the eTwinning Day


It’s a wrap! The first eTwinning Day ever has been an overwhelming success! Thank you so much for sharing with us all your festive celebrations for eTwinning’s 10th birthday! It has been a pleasure and a real source of inspiration to see how creative eTwinners from all around the four corners of Europe can be! From the UK to Azerbaijan and from Estonia to Cyprus, we have received your pictures and videos, so let’s have a brief look at what happened yesterday!

Please, understand that we have received thousands of pictures and videos and we are not in the position to publish all of them on this mini-website. We will share them though on our social media, namely our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Colourful eTwinning Day in Germany

To celebrate the eTwinning Day the German National Support Service offered a workshop for teachers from Bonn and the surrounding area who wanted to get to know more about eTwinning. Provided with a bunch of useful information and inspiration, the teachers were afterwards invited to a cozy get-together. After a release of colourful balloons in front of the building into the blue sky all participants – teachers, colleagues from the National Agency for Erasmus+ (school education) and the team of the eTwinning National Support Service – clinked glasses and enjoyed the eTwinning birthday cake!

Pictures: eTwinning Day at the German NSS in Bonn
Text: Antje Schmidt, National Support Service Germany

10Jahre-eTwinning_P1010146_s 10Jahre-eTwinning_P1010328_s 10Jahre-eTwinning_P1010177_s
10Jahre-eTwinning_P1010301_s 10Jahre-eTwinning_P1010239_s 10Jahre-eTwinning_P1010298_s

Human Logo on the Stage!

Paju Kool sent us this picture from Narva Paju school in Estonia:


Celebrations at the beach!

Students from the Gymnasio of Milos island, Greece, sent us their celebration pictures, taken by the sea! Images by Odigitria Petraki.

*click on the images for full-size view

10838185_1578761272391293_5944587935934502398_o 11022602_1578761365724617_3133919655100222024_o


Celebration full of colours and face-paint in Bulgaria

“Children from kindergarten n1 “Zvanche”, Bulgaria celebrated the eTwinning birthday. We painted flags of different countries, and arranged them on a large poster in the yard of the kindergarten. We danced and played games in various European languages. We painted the blue and yellow symbols on our faces. Each child received a balloon in the colors of eTwinning.”

Svetla Popova

*click on the images for full-size view

11110543_967690849916814_1530602648435724781_n 11205590_967690853250147_9166257150378983747_n


Wishes from Romania

“The second graders from Secondary School “Academician Marin Voiculescu”in Giurgiu, Romania, wishes all eTwinners “Happy Birthday!” and many more successful international cooperation projects!”

Lucica Ivan
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11206702_645183935617319_2272287135410348274_o 10847438_645183762284003_6391556475650851644_o


Happy birthday songs from Cyprus

Students from Akrotiri primary School in Cyprus sing the happy birthday song in many languages, video sent by Stavri Vakana:


Czech republic made the Most out of the eTwinning celebrations

Eva Münchová from Most, Czech Republic, sent us her school’s picture:



Talent show or birthday party?

Students and teachers in Vladimir Nazor Pribislavec, Croatia, had an impressive celebration with paintings and sweets made by pupils, human logo at their yard and balloons! Miroslava Novak sent us the following pictures:

*click on the images for full-size view

11064670_10205826391315929_1408136764767737953_o 11233558_10205826386595811_5408520934544167529_n 11188334_10205826387515834_7009523915801049886_n
11010535_10205826389035872_2467429799269941423_n 11128360_10205826386155800_750187152687467491_n 10854861_10205826390595911_8352265494223860538_o


Video greeting from Slovenia

Finally, Urša Bajda from Primary school Mariana Nemca Radeče sent us the following video greeting:

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  1. Avatar Fultxo says:

    Celebrating the day in Erentzun Ikastola (Navarre) Spain.  
    Para celebrar el décimo aniversario de eTwinig y aprender más acerca de Europa, hemos realizado un concurso en 6º de Primaria.

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