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“The 10th anniversary is a great opportunity for UK schools to promote collaboration with their European peers and the UK National Support Service are providing each UK school who registers a project in 2015 with a celebration pack.

The pack includes a t-shirt for pupils and teachers involved in the project, logo-bugs, eTwinning competences books and an eTwinning banner. Teachers who registered projects and applied for packs before 21 April were sent their package in time to celebrate #eTwinningDay. Alongside the pack, we included a 10th anniversary ‘tips and ideas’ sheet with the below suggested activities to:

• form a human eTwinning logo whilst wearing t-shirts
• write 50 words on the topic of ‘I #collaborate with schools across Europe’
• let the rest of the school taste your culinary skills by baking a 10th anniversary cake or even a virtual eTwinning cake using coding and animation skills.
• take a video of pupils pointing out which countries they have collaborated with
• create a noticeboard of eTwinning 10th anniversary activities
• use blue and yellow face paints to create the eTwinning logo.

We also wanted to give the UK ambassadors something to mark their invaluable support and will be presenting them with 10th anniversary ambassador badges and email signatures at our 10th national eTwinning conference in June, where we already have a packed programme of anniversary activities and workshops!”

Karen Cleland, eTwinning National Support Service UK

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