#eTwiam: outcomes of the first eTwinning #tweetchat


eTwinners love Twitter! Our Twitter chat on the 10th anniversary and the eTwinning Day reached over 10,000 accounts and exceeded 35,000 impressions! Did you take part in our chat? Check out our statistics below and see if your contributions made it to the hall of fame!

What is an eTwinning Twitter chat? In the framework of eTwinning 10th Anniversary, the European Network of eTwinning Ambassadors has launched a new activity, Twitter Chats. A Twitter Chat is a moderated live Twitter discussion focused on a specific topic. Anyone active or interested in eTwinning with a Twitter account can join the conversation.

The first eTwinning Twitter chat was run by Marilina Lonigro took place on Tuesday 5 May from 7pm to 8pm CEST and it was about the eTwinning Day and the eTwinning 10th Anniversary. Participants in the chat used the hashtag #eTwiam to talk about their first experiences with eTwinning, exchanged views on what they like most about it and gave tips on involving more colleagues. They also revealed what their plans are to celebrate the eTwinning birthday.

  • Have a look at the chat highlights on this storify
  • Find out more about eTwinning Twitter chats here.
  • Who was the most active participant of the chat? Who was the biggest influencer? Have a look at our statistics below (click on the image for full size):







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