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Once upon a time… The great stories always start with once upon a time. I was at home, surfing on the Sceren website to buy a book for my class, when I saw a flag saying : « Do you want to motivate your student and open their mind ? »

“Do you want to motivate your student?” “Yes, I want !” And I signed in for eTwinning.

I had to wait a whole year until I found my first partner : Rossana, she was from Italy. At first we just decided to help chidren understand each other’s culture.

The second year, we built a clue project and I discovered how eTwinning can motivate the student. At the end of the year, they came during lunch time to finish a short movie for eTwinning.

The third year is one of my favourite because children created something together and I learned what European collaboration means.

Year after year, I meet new teachers, new students here or elsewhere in Europe. With each encounter I learn more about education, but also about myself as a teacher; what I want for my students, what I can try, how I can help them…

I can’t imagine a year without eTwinning, because it would be an empty one. I don’t know how to explain what you bring to me : teachers, and students. I became a teacher with eTwinning, I learn so much with patient teachers and « always on the go for eTwinning » students.

I hope it will last another ten years and spread from class to class until every child has got the chance to work in.

Isabelle Dufrêne, eTwinning  ambassador in France

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  1. Avatar Evelyne says:

    Une bien belle aventure que tu mènes de “main de maîtresse” pour le bien de tes élèves…Le meilleur! Bravo.
    Que ton souhait se réalise un jour, Isabelle!

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