The spirit of the common celebration of the Czech-Slovak 10th eTwinning anniversary.


Long live eTwinning for at least another ten years!  We wish ourselves a lot of success, many inspiring projects and enthusiastic teachers! Long live cooperation in Europe! These and similar wishes were expressed in both languages on Saturday, 18. April 2015.

Last weekend, 17th-19th April 2015, the Slovak and the Czech NSSs organised the joint meeting of both countries eTwinning ambassadors. It took place in Slovakia,  in a beautiful spa town Rajecke Teplice, just a perfect place  for celebration. Joint meetings between the two parties are held every year, but this one had an exceptional atmosphere, as it was marked by the celebration of the 10th anniversary of eTwinning, memories and the balancing what ten years living with eTwinning brought to us, plans for the future…
Meetings of the most successful eTwinning project implementers from both countries are always full of new ideas and creativity. Participants gain inspiration from colleagues during informal discussions, share their experience, learnnew tools and social skills so that they could spark enthusiaism for eTwinning among other creative teachers on both sides of the Morava river …


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  1. Avatar Mirjeta Domi says:

    I am physics and ICT teacher in ‘’28 Nentori’’ secondary school Burrel, Albania. I try to give my best and continue to share as much as possible to students my knowledge and passion for computers and technology. Having this as a strong weapon I coordinate projects and take part in competitions in which technology makes us feel closer, better and more determined. e-twinning for teachers in Albania is the first time. Thank you for everything.

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