eTwinning 10th Anniversary at the Spanish NSS


In this article we sum up  the activities that the Spanish NSS  has prepared for the eTwinning  10th anniversary. Since March 2015 we keep  a visible special header on our national website reminding users the #eTwinning10 hashtag and encouraging schools to take part in this celebration (with videos, logos, attractive images, …) We have created one special account in Instagram so that schools can send us their most original photos  like the ones shown below:











We are also promoting a Social Media campaign  encouraging our users to send us original best wishes  cards using the tool Buncee ( The three most creative cards shall receive a set of eTwinning promotional material. We attach an example of these best wishes messages:











School teams have also been encouraged to take part in the anniversary with funny videos like the one sent by the Ambassador María José Rodríguez de la Cueva from Ruiz Gijón High School (Utrera-Seville)

Or the one sent by our Ambassador Juan F. Peñas Viso (CPEIP San Babil-Navarra). A funny video on quality labels and prizes awarded over these 10 years with other European partners.

On 7th May we shall publish one special article on the national website including ‘pioneer eTwinning voices’ (the first registered users, the first ambassadors, ex-pupils, etc.) telling us about their impressions on the way the eTwinning programme has been present at their schools over these 10 years.

Finally on 19th and 20th May we are celebrating  this 10th  anniversary with a meeting in Madrid where we will gather school headmasters, eTwinning representatives from the Autonomous Regions, ambassadors,  ex-representatives of the European Commission, different managing bodies from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and other allied institutions,  etc. This event will also serve as context for the eTwinning 2015 national prize award ceremony and simultaneously there will be a learning event for both school principals and national Ambassadors. There will also be a surprise video  we have titled “eTwinning voices” featuring different eTwinning agents (SCA, ambassadors, students, European Commission representatives, etc.) We shall close this celebration with a delicious cake decorated with the tenth anniversary logo. We shall share images of all these events, so keep connected to the #eTwinning10 hashtag .










Source of the images: Images and videos shared by our users via Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)



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