Back to the future with eTwinning


“We’re chatting with people from Greece and Italy, and… they’re replying to us!”. That was back in 2007. We were taking part in the eTwinning project “European Lab”.

Chats or video conferences  were not so common in 2007: no smartphones, no Skype, no What’sApp… Even the walls, likes and the concise 140 characters weren’t popular. Now we live inside a particle accelerator and, perhaps for this reason, it’s difficult to write about the past.

I remember names –Chiara, could it be?–, articles about bulls and bullfighters, chats sharing mutual music likes as The Police, teachers wondering about feeling part of Europe, some of us explaining our experience on the local TV…

And now we congratulate eTwinning on its 10th anniversary and we congratulate  a brand new education which  includes technology, communication skills, music, theatre, ethics, projects and experiences.

It’s a challenge to find the best way to do it, but it’s worth trying. And so, we tried.

Xavier Freixa

Student participant in 2007

eTwinning Project: European Lab


Source of the images: Picture composition from free-rights images Iconspedia


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