The Polish NSS invented marvelous idea how to encourage teachers to start eTwinning projects and involve them to use ICT tools. They started to use elearning as a way to be in touch with teachers. To achieve this goal NSS uses Moodle platform where all the teachers can find almost 50 different courses. Some of them are about eTwinning program – how to start a Project, what to do to make it good and so one. The other are about ICT tools which can be used in projects, to involve participants to work together on eTwinning tasks and put them into TwinSpace. Teachers can choose as many courses as they want to and some of them are one monts and some one week. But the most important is that they are free. After the courses teachers have knowledge about eTwinning, different kinds of ICT tools and suport of eTwinning ambasadors.

Ambasadors play very important rule, they know what is important in a good project, what ICT tools can be used in activities and they share they knowledge.
If you want to see how many courses Polish NSS ofers to teachers go directly to:
For teachers this idea to develop their knowledge is very practical. They have access to platform for 24 hours, they can do all the tasks in a proper time for them. After each activity they have feedback and suport from the eTwinning coach and at end of the course certificate.
All this hard work: NSS, teachers and eTwinning Ambasadors you can see every year at the European conference where Polish project are awarded.


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