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“eTwinning is part of my lessons and has changed my way of teaching, I can’t see myself without doing eTwinning projects. They give great possibilities of working differently and in a more authentic way for the language teacher that I am. I have met fantastic, very reliable and hard-working colleagues since I have been working with eTwinning and participated to interesting and lively seminars and Learning Events. I had the chance and I am very happy to have won many rewarding eTwinning prizes.

And what the most beautiful reward to hear from my pupils at the beginning of a new school year “ eh, Madam are going to do another eTwinning project this year” !   ”Murièle Dejaune, France


A day in with our partners in their school

“As 4 of my students from “Lycee Louis Bleriot” France did a work placement in Limassol in Cyprus thanks to Erasmus + KA1, I took the opportunity to organize a meeting with my colleague Christos Papachristodoulou from “Lyceum Archangelou Apostolos Marcos” Cyprus. We worked on the project How today’s teens R and so our pupils could meet for “real”. We spent a day in their school during that day we did different activities:
Perform a common computing lesson between French and Cypriot students
Cypriot students interview the French students in French
Organize a futsal game”

It was a great experience to celebrate eTwinning 10th Birthday

Murièle Dejaune, France and Christos Papachristodoulou, Cyprus



“I was offered a Cyprus coffee by the school, it was very delicious.
My I.T lesson in Cyprus.
I liked to code a small program that is used to calculate the average.
It was quite complicated to get used to the Greek letters but fortunately two high school girls from the project (Daniela and Assimina) helped me.
Thank you for this beautiful day.” Dorian, France

“I really enjoyed being there. Every person: teachers, students made this day amazing. I really liked playing football with you. You were friendly and you were better than I was thinking. 😛

It was good playing with you than watching the football match during the break. Thanks to the teacher he could find us some shorts hopefully we had trainers. I really liked that, after the match Cypriot pupils came to see us and said good bye to us. And to finish the sport lesson I can conclude that a sport lesson is much cooler than ours.

Thank you very much for this awesome day.” Anthony, France


Enjoy the video 🙂

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5 Responses to “eTwinning – part of collaborative lessons”

  1. Avatar Murièle Dejaune says:

    Thank you Cornelia for publishing our article.
    My pupils really enjoyed working on this project and enjoyed even more their visit in Cyprus.
    Yesterday we had an “open day” in our school and my pupils presented their project and experience in Cyprus in front of the “recteur”, the “prefet” and other “important” people. They were impressed by the work my pupils did !!!!

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