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It wasn’t yesterday when I saw on the notice board in the school where I work an announcement offering an on-line course on an unknown subject called eTwinning.

My habit of getting involved in all types of complications made me register (I think it was in 2006) and a year later I was already working on my first project, a Latin alphabet. It was a surprise: a surprise because of how enjoyable it was to work with my French project partner, a surprise for the way we planned it, a surprise for the way it was received by the students and how interested they were, and A SURPRISE because it was selected as Project of the Month. And an even greater SURPRISE because it was awarded the National Prize that year.

Many days, years and many projects have gone by since then (including another project which won the National and European Prize for Language of a neighbouring country, Tandem), yes many years … but it should be emphasized that the students are still as interested as ever or even more so than that first day; and my students look forward to knowing what they are going to work on in the year and with what companions; that my subject Latin is enormously enriched thanks to this European cooperation … So many benefits and no disadvantages… If it didn’t exist we would have to invent it.

Added to this are all the extra added bonuses and the satisfaction which it has offered me since the day I registered: trips, getting to know the project partner, the students’ interest in my subject … and in short, getting to understand ourselves and our possibilities. And the best part is not what has been done, but knowing that there is still enormous potential which I have yet to get from eTwinning …

Rogelio Martínez del Oro

IES Melchor de Macanaz (Albacete-Spain)


My experience of years working with the eTwinning programme can be summarised as follows:

The students I have worked with have been able to access the Internet from school, as at home they did not have the necessary financial resources, and collect and analyze information to be able to draw their own conclusions thus making the process of learning to learn more effective.

The training that the students have undergone to make their presentations, create web pages, etc. has meant that they have developed their creative talents and managed to acquire new knowledge based on their own experience.

Through eTwinning they have shared experiences and got into contact with students of their own ages in other countries. It has enabled them to get to know boys and girls of different nationalities and acquire more in-depth knowledge of other cultures.

It has been enriching work which has improved both in the quantity and quality of the projects, as well as in the different tools and platforms which the programme makes available.

Congratulations on this initiative!

Javier Montero Giro

CEIP Padre Manjón (Salamanca, Spain)

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