Celebrate the 10th anniversary of eTwinning on Social Media!


Official hashtageTwinning is 10 years old and the eTwinning community is celebrating this happy event on Social Media too! Many teachers and schools are already posting videos, pictures, articles and memories on their different Social Media profiles. To browse them all, you just need to look for the official hashtag: #eTwinning10.

In this blog, we will be publishing regularly a selection of the funniest and most original and interesting content shared in the main social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). Do you want to tell the entire world how your school is celebrating the eTwinning 10th Anniversary and go viral? Don’t wait to post your activities and messages!

Here is a first selection of greeting tweets:

2015-02-26 12_39_08-TweetDeck

2015-02-26 14_43_10-TweetDeck2015-02-26 12_35_31-TweetDeck 2015-02-26 14_44_45-TweetDeck2015-02-26 12_41_09-TweetDeck2015-02-26 14_33_55-TweetDeck2015-02-26 12_56_32-TweetDeck2015-02-27 18_00_22-unautrerana on Twitter_ _Algo aún no será revelado, Utrera IES RUIZ Gijón ¡FELIC

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